FMP | Referenced Footage

While researching how cats move for a few cuts in the short I came to the conclusion I should try and capture the bouncy yet steady movement they often display, this doesn't apply to the limited look of the real life sequences though as I want it to look like a powerful figure by framing... Continue Reading →


FMP | Moodboard and Influences

One of the main inspirations for this project were the VHS tapes that I watched while I was younger and the fuzzy disjointed memories that I have of them, the titling also stems from the unexpected sequels that were from that time and the strange directions they often go in based off the initial film... Continue Reading →

FMP | VHS Sleeve Cover

  As outlined in my initial treatments and pitch for this project I am converting the video onto a VHS, to go with it I have created this design for the sleeve. The overall look is inspired by a lot of the initial widescreen releases of VHS' which often would take the covers of the... Continue Reading →

Game Design | Story & Character Concepts

While I was designing the main character of the game: Llin the key words behind his design were things like ‘calm, ‘collective’ and ‘optimistic’. His more casual fashion sense was meant to communicate the idea of somebody who remains laid back, even in dire situations and and his pose is meant to illustrate the size... Continue Reading →

Game Design | Moodboard and Influences

The game itself would play as a conventional 2D sidescroller, the three core movement options besides the traditional left/right/jump moves would be a be the grappling hook mentioned prior and the use of the Ferris wheel to boost and hover, in theory these should play off of one another in a way similar to how... Continue Reading →

Game Design | Background Creation

These were backgrounds made for 'Titan 0 Circus', they were made to look somewhat basic in order to make a clear distinction from what is happening in the foreground. Out of the two final backgrounds I like them both although I would try and fuse them if I could as I think the clouds look much more... Continue Reading →

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