Context and Art Movements

Expressionism as a movement was started partially due the poor economic situation in Germany during the early 1900s which meant that many people could not afford many of the art schools and those that could would only be taught to focus on capturing the look of a person or object as opposed to the feeling... Continue Reading →


Packaging and Logo Design Influences

I looked at a lot of artists while researching ideas for the general look and graphic design of the Chillax brand. One of these artists was Paul Rand who played a part in designing several major logos such as Ford and IBM which generally skew towards a similar demographic as Chillax. A key element that... Continue Reading →

Chillax Persona and Revised Logo

Revised Logo Design: Features cleaner linework and is now fully symmetrical. Name: Mark Davidson Age: 30-40 Occupation: Office Worker Main Characteristics: Confident and cool under pressure although this takes a toll on his well being which leaves him exhausted after a few long days at work. Basic Premise: Leaves early in the morning in order... Continue Reading →

FMP | Evaluation

While developing ideas for this project I did a lot of research on VHS tapers and how they differ from their successors in terms of technical quality and the processes in which they are made which I believe ties the short into the theme of 'Modern', on a purely visual level they have to fit... Continue Reading →

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